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Q.1 A 60 m long train travels at a uniform speed of 72 km/hr. It passes non-stop along the 600m platform of a wayside station. What is the elapsed time for the train to entire clear the platform ?
A) 31 sec
B) 30 sec
C) 32 sec
D) 33 sec
Ans. D
Convert speed in meter per second then apply formula. Length is 600+60

Q.2 Train A is 75 m long & travels at a uniform speed of 54 km/hr. Train B is125m long & travels at a uniform speed of 36 km/hr in the direction opposite to that of Train A. If these trains are crossing at a double track stretch, what is the time taken for the two trains to fully clear each other ?
A) 10 sec
B) 8 sec
C) 7.2 sec
D) 6.6 sec
Ans. B

Q.3 Two trains 121m & 99m in length are running in opposite direction at the speed of 40 & 32 km/hr. In what time will they be completely clear of each other from the moment they meet ?
A) 11 sec
B) 12 sec
C) 13 sec
D) 14 sec
Ans. A
D= 121+99=220m
S=40+32= 72*5/18
Or T=220/20=11sec

Q.4 Two trains start from Delhi & Chandigarh & move towards each other at speed 80 & 90 km/hr. At their meeting point it is found that the train from Chandigarh has travelled 40 km more than the train coming from Delhi. Find the distance between Delhi & Chandigarh ?
A) 660
B) 670
C) 680
D) 690
Ans. C
Sum of speed/Difference of speed*distance

Q. 5 A train 100m long takes 6sec to cross a man walking at 5 km/hr in a direction opposite to that of the train. Find the speed of train ?
A) 54
B) 55
C) 56
D) 57
Ans. B
Speed=5+x km/hr
Or 5+x*5/18m/sec
(we have got 300 since,1800/6)
On solving, we get



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