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ERRORS set-7

Directions— Which of the phrases (A), (B), (C) and (D) given below should replace the phrase given in bold in the following sentence to make the sentence grammatically meaningful and correct. If the sentence is correct as it is and ‘No correction is required’, mark (E) as the answer.   1. Your bonus will dependent the quality of your work. (A) is dependable (B) depends on (C) being dependent (D) going to depend (E) No correction required Ans. B   2. He did not ask for a raise since he had fear to lose his job. (A) was fearful of (B) was feared to (C) was afraid to (D) had been afraid to (E) No correction required Ans. C   3. The organizers agreed to shift the conference at some place convenience to all participants. (A) any of the place convenient (B) at places convenient (C) from a place of convenience (D) to a place convenient (E) No correction required Ans. D   4. As compared to last year there has been a sharp rise in interest rates. (A) sharper rise of (B) as sharp a rise (C) sharp rises in (D) sharply rising (E) No correction required Ans. E   5. In the 1970s banks required to submit their detailed plans of expansion to RBI. (A) were required to submit (B) required for submission (C) are required to submit (D) requirement of submitting (E) No correction required Ans. A  

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ERRORS set-6

1. Ashok has managed to (A) / achieve his sales targets (B)/ for the quarter very easily (C) / than we expected. (D) No error (E) Ans. C   2. He did not grant (A) / their request for a loan (B)/ although it would (C) / displease his boss. (D) No error (E) Ans. C   3. At present oil companies (A) / are making a loss of (B)/ rupees five on all (C) / litre of petrol that they sell. (D) No error (E) Ans. C   4. The manager’s belief that (A) / Ramesh is (B)/ incompetent is not (C) / necessary true. (D) No error (E) Ans. D   5. Since I was doing (A) / my MBA I initially (B)/ chose to specialize (C) / in marketing management. (D) No error (E) Ans. B  

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ERRORS set-5

Directions: Read each sentence to find out whether there is any grammatical error in it.The error, if any, will be in one part of the sentence. The letter of that part is the answer. If there is no error, the answer is (E) i.e. ‘No error’. (Ignore the errors of punctuation, if any.)   1. The revised government’s (A) /guidelines have reduced (B)/ the number of mergers (C) / taking place among banks. (D) No error (E) Ans. A   2. I do not know (A) / who of the (B) /new trainees should (C) / be confirmed. (D) No error (E) Ans. B   3. To promote India as (A) / a tourist destination (B)/ the government has organized (C) / many cultural programmes. (D) No error (E) Ans. C   4. Banks in India (A) / cannot open ATMs (B)/ except obtaining (C) / approval from RBI. (D) No error (E) Ans. C   5. Today the success of (A) / companies depends on the (B)/ quality of their products and(C) /efficient managing staff. (D) No error (E) Ans. D          

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ERRORS set-4

Directions: In each sentence below four words have been printed in bold which are lettered (A), (B), (C) and (D). One of these words may be wrongly spelt or inappropriate in the context of the sentence. Find out the wrongly spelt or inappropriate word. The letter of that word is the answer. If all the words are correctly spelt and are appropriate the answer is (E), i.e. ‘All correct’.   1. My gole (A) is to acquire (B) a position (C) of authority (D) and respect within the organization. All correct (E) Ans. A   2. The refusal (A) of the Ministry to clear pending (B) dues is a course (C) for concern (D) . All correct (E) Ans. C   3. He was convinced (A) that discipline (B) and hard work would result (C) in dividents (D) in the long run. All correct (E) Ans. D   4. This is a company which believes (A) in transparency (B) and appointment is done strictly (C) on merit (D). All correct (E) Ans. E   5. There will be a decline (A) in the probability (B) of oil companies because of the hike (C) in oil prices (D). All correct (E) Ans. B        

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ERRORS set-3

1. 1) The Superintendent of Dasna Jail in Ghaziabad said / 2) that Koli had been transferred from Dasna to Meerut jail / 3) as the first had not facilities / 4) to carry out the execution. / 5) No error   Ans. 3   2. 1) Once the demand draft will be deposited / 2) the individual will be eligible / 3) to participate in / 4) the online bidding process. / 5) No error   Ans. 1   3. 1) The woman killed the child because she wanted / 2) to take revenge from her daughter-in-law, / 3) whom she blamed from taking away / 4) her son from her. / 5) No error   Ans. 2   4. 1) The Delhi government has issued a notification / 2) allowing the opening of new wholesale markets / 3) in the capital, which will be outside / 4) the purview of the three existing AMPC markets. / 5) No error   Ans. 5   5. 1) My resignation was a spontaneous action / 2) since I have always believed / 3) that life unless / 4) honour is no living at all. /5) No error   Ans. 3    

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ERRORS set-2

1. I am not scared (A) / to be travelling (B) / in the dark (C) / alone at night. (D) No Error (E) Ans : (B)   2. The elevator in the building (A) / is under repair, (B) / we regret for (C) / the inconvenience caused. (D) No Error (E) Ans : (E)   3. I am thinking (A) / you were aware (B) / of the rules and regulations (C) / before joining. (D) No Error (E) Ans : (A)   4. The father divided (A) / the property equally (B) / between his son (C) / and daughter. (D) No Error (E) Ans : (D)   5. I knows a very good doctor (A) / in my village (B) / who will be able to (C) / cure your disease. (D) No Error (E) Ans : (A)      

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ERRORS set-1

The bus waiting (A) / for all the passengers (B) / to enter (C) / before it took off. (D) No Error (E) Ans : (A)   Daily prayer and meditation (A) / is the keys (B) / to a peaceful (C) / and happy life. (D) No Error (E) Ans : (B)   The fruit vendor (A) / would rather (B) / let the fruit get spoiling than (C) / sell them for a lesser price. (D) No Error (E) Ans : (C)   The police making (A) / everyone leave (B) / the building premises (C) / immediately. (D) No Error (E) Ans : (A)   Mother and I (A) / generally go to the store (B) / and pick up food items (C) / for the charitable. (D) No Error (E) Ans : (D)          

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