1. The bus waiting (A) / for all the passengers (B) / to enter (C) / before it took off. (D) No Error (E)

Ans : (A)


  1. Daily prayer and meditation (A) / is the keys (B) / to a peaceful (C) / and happy life. (D) No Error (E)

Ans : (B)


  1. The fruit vendor (A) / would rather (B) / let the fruit get spoiling than (C) / sell them for a lesser price. (D) No Error (E)

Ans : (C)


  1. The police making (A) / everyone leave (B) / the building premises (C) / immediately. (D) No Error (E)

Ans : (A)


  1. Mother and I (A) / generally go to the store (B) / and pick up food items (C) / for the charitable. (D) No Error (E)

Ans : (D)