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Q.1 There are 2401 students in a school. P.T. teacher wants them to stand in rows and columns such that the number of rows is equal to the number of columns. Find the number of rows.

A) 45

B) 47

C) 49

D) 51

Ans. C

Let the number of rows be x
So, the number of columns = x
Therefore, number of students = x × x = x2
Thus, x2 = 2401 gives x = Sq. root of 2401 = 49
The number of rows = 49

Q.2 Saili plants 4 saplings, in a row, in her garden. The distance between two adjacent saplings is ¾ m. Find the distance between the first and the last sapling

A) 3 m

B) 4 m

C) 5 m

D) 6 m

Ans. A

With 4 saplings there are 3 gaps: between 1 and 2, 2 and 3, and 3 & 4
3(3/4 m) = 9/4 m = 2.25 m

Q.3 Salil wants to put a picture in a frame. The picture is 7 3/5 cm wide. To fit in the frame the picture cannot be more than 7 3/10 cm wide. How much should the picture be trimmed ?

A) 3/9

B) 2/10

C) 3/10

D) 2/9

Ans. C

Therefore, picture to be trimmed

Thus picture should be trimmed by 3/10 cm

Q.4 Ritu ate 3/5 part of an apple and the remaining apple was eaten by her brother Somu. How much part of the apple did Somu eat?

A) 2/4 part

B) 2/5 part

C) 2/6 part

D) 2/7 part

Ans. B
The part eaten by her brother Somu =?
Who eat the larger part of apple?
The larger part of apple was how much larger?
The part of apple left after eaten by Ritu
Therefore, Somu ate 2/5 parts of apple.
Now compare the part eaten by them
Since, 3>2. Therefore,
That means Ritu ate larger part.
The difference in both parts
Somu ate 2/5 part of apple.
Ritu ate the larger part of apple
Ritu ate 1/5 part more apple than her brother Somu.

Q.5 Half of a herd of deer are grazing in the field and three fourths of the remaining are playing nearby. The rest 9 are drinking water from the pond. Find the number of deer in the herd.

A) 70

B) 71

C) 72

D) 73

Ans. C

let x be total no. of deer, x/2 be half of the herd, 3/4{x/2} be three fourth of remaining half, so,
x/2 + 3/4{(x/2} + 9 = x
x/2 + 3x/8 + 9 = x
8x/8 – 4x/8 – 3x/8 = 9
x/8 = 9
x = 72

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