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Q.1 You are being sent for an intensive efficiency improvement training programme, which you are not interested in going for. You will

A)Proceed for the training, keeping your interest aside

B)Inform your boss to send someone else for training

C)Go for the training but you will spend most of the time roaming here & there

D)Try on finding the excuses for avoiding the training

Ans. B

Q.2 You have been posted as a DM in a district, where construction work is going on a large scale. One day you suddenly receive a call from someone that many labourers have been injured in an accident. When you reach there, you find a huge crowd of labourers, their relatives & media persons. You will

A)Hold a meeting with experts & directs the rescue team for further action

B)Tell the crowd to vacate the place

C)Call the owner of the construction project

D)Ascertain how many labourers were on duty & how many were injured to take any further step

Ans. A

Q.3 You are the head of an anti-naxal operation in jungles. Suddenly you spot some naxalites hiding in a bush. You will

A)Warn them to surrender

B)Make a sudden assault on them

C)Inform your senior officers & wait for some more forces to come

D)Circle them first & ask them to surrender. If they refuse, then order firing

Ans. D

Q.4 You are the manager of a construction company. There have been regular complaints about an employee by many costumers in written. You will

A)Punished the concerned employee instantly

B)Sack the employee from the job as it is affecting condition of the company

C) Call the concerned employee & discuss the matter

D)Try to enquire about the concerned employee from his co-workers & till then give assurance to the costumers

Ans. A

Q.5 You are newly appointed as ADM of a town. You are introducing new ideas in administration in front of your officials. You met resistance when introducing the new concept. How would you react?

A)Take disciplinary action against the resisting officials

B)Would direct them to follow the concepts strictly

C)Do nothing after all it is there loss if they don’t follow

D)Would convince the resisting officials in understanding the new idea & how effectively it can work in administration

Ans. D

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