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Q.1 You are an Assistant Commissioner of Income tax. Instead of working very hard & taking various initiatives to increase the revenue of govt, some people put allegations on you regarding tax evasion, which is completely wrong according to you. What would you do?

A)Pay no need to the allegations & continue your good work

B)Call a press conference & explain your points

C)Ask your senior to set up an enquiry

D)Stop taking initiatives & do the routine job only

Ans. A

Q.2 You are bank manager of a private bank. There have been regular complaints about an employee by many customers in written. What would you do?

A)Punish the concerned employee instantly

B)Sack the employee from job as it is affecting the brand image of bank

C)Call the employee & after knowing the fact take action

D)Try to enquire about the employee from his co-workers & till then give assurance to costumers

Ans. A

Q.3 A task has been assigned to you by your senior officer. But the task is totally new for you & you have no knowledge about it. As you have to complete the task in a stipulated time, so you do not have time to gain knowledge & complete the task. What would you do?

A)Finish the task somehow without surety of it being perfect

B)Refuse to perform that work

C)Take the help of others to accomplish that task

D)Take the task & at the end of stipulated time, you will make out reasons

Ans. C

Q.4 You are head of a village panchayat. In a national level meeting on the success of a govt project, you have to make a presentation, giving all the feedbacks. You have collected all the data & some of the data that you have gathered for the presentation opposes the success of the project. Some of the important ministers are attending the conference. What would you do?

A)Make the presentation giving all the feedbacks & data despite the risk of losing hold

B)Make the presentation on the basis of only favouring data

C)Exagarate the favouring data, without much highlighting the opposing data

D)Modify the opposing data to make it upto the mark

Ans. C

Q.5 You are a part of the country’s execution. Some people are protesting against price hike of petrol in front of your office. You are not able to work properly due to agitation. You will

A)Make people understand that it is the higher authority’s decision

B)Pacify the agitators assure them that you will do upto your capability

C)Pacify the agitators & assure them of taking the matter to the higher authorities

D)Call the police to handle the situation

Ans. C

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