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Q.1 You are an IAS Officer.Your senior passed some urgent orders which seems wrong to you.
What would you do?

A) Tell him that his orders are wrong

B) Follow the orders

C) Gently put your thoughts & still if he insists follow the orders

D) Tell him to revise his orders

Ans. C

Q.2 You are at railway station with your old parents. Suddenly it was announced that a burning
train full of explosives is coming towards platform. You will

A) Take your parents out of station

B) Try to remove all the persons from the platform

C) Form a team of youngsters, help old persons, women & children in going to safer place &
contact station master

D) Help station master in extinguishing fire

Ans. C

Q.3 You are working in the office. Your boss comes & insults you in presence of others. Besides that he promotes a man who is junior to you. You will

A)Resign from the post

B)Try to take revenge whenever opportunities comes to you

C)Keep patience & will ask the reason when you find him cool

D)Tell the complete incidence to the management committee

Ans. C

Q.4 You are the district Magistrate of a district. Some people are protesting against a policy of the govt, in front of your office. You are not able to work properly due to agitation. You will

A)Make people understand that it is the higher authority decision

B)Pacify the agitators & assure them of taking the matter to the higher authorities

C)Pacify the agitators & assure them that you will do unto your capability

D)Call the police to handle the situation

Ans. B

Q.5 You are worker of a construction company. While doing your work you came to know that the quality of products used in a building by the builders was not upto the mark. When you informed about it to the project manager, he tried to bribe & threaten you. What will you do?

A)Report about it to any senior official

B)Complain about the matter to the police

C)Accept the bribe due to threatening

D)Go on strike with all the workers

Ans. A

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