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Q.1 You are a student & you appeared in a competitive exam. You noticed that the minister’s son got a copy of solution from outside. You will
A)Concentrate in writing exam as time is running fast
B)Start protesting & fighting against minister’s son
C)Inform the invigilator & then concentrate on writing your exam
D)Leave the exam & try to gather people outside the examination centre & start appealing for cancellation of the exam
Ans. C

Q.2 You are working in a govt. department. Your boss gives a piece of work & orders you to follow his instructions to complete the work but the work is difficult to finish within time. You will
A)Persuade him to extend the time
B)Start the work & try to finish within the time limit, even working on holidays
C)Start the work, try to finish it & if you cannot, then ask your boss for time extension
D)Take the help of other colleagues in finishing the work
Ans. B

Q.3 You are sitting among the friends & an argument erupts. You know that you are right but some others are opposing your view point without any edge & that too aggressively. You will
A)Start fighting with them
B)Plead your arguments politely
C)Keep quite & let them overpower you
D)Star keeping our views in an aggressive way
Ans. B

Q.4 You are a stranger in the city. You have lost your purse. You have to deposit admission fee in your college next day before 5 pm. Your home is 24 hours train journey one way. You will
A)Lose all your hope & start crying
B)Approach for extension of time. Ring up home to remit money by electronic transfer or money transfer
C)Ask someone for help
D)Return to your home as nothing can be done
Ans. B

Q.5 You are proceeding to your home to attend marriage of your brother. When you were about to reach railway station, your ticket had fallen on the way. There is no possibility of reservation for another 15 days. You will
A)Contact the station superintendent immediately & get fresh ticket in reference of your reservation
B)Leave the plan to go to your home
C)Arrange tickets by paying illegally
D) Just think to give bribe to Ticket checker.
Ans. A

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