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A stout old lady was walking with her basket down the middle of a street in Petrograd to the great confusion of the traffic and no small peril to herself, It was pointed out to her that the pavement was the place for foot-passengers, but she replied, “I’m going to walk where I like, We’ve got liberty now”, It did not occur to the dear lady that if liberty entitled the foot-passenger to walk down the middle of the road it also entitled the taxi-driver to drive on the pavement, and that the end of such liberty would be universal chaos, Everything would be getting in everybody else’s way and nobody would get anywhere, Individual liberty would have become social anarchy.

1. It was pointed out to the lady that she should walk on the pavement because she was
a) a pedestrian
b) carrying a basket
c) stout
d) an old lady

2. The lady refused to move from the middle of the street because
a) she was not afraid of being killed
b) she felt that she is entitled to do whatever she liked
c) she did not like walking on the pavement
d) she was confused

3. The old lady failed to realize that
a) she was not really free
b) her liberty was not unlimited
c) she was an old person
d) roads are made for motor vehicles only





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