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Tappa is a form of Indian semi-classical vocal music whose specialty is its rolling pace based on fast, subtle, knotty construction.
It originated from the folk songs of the camel riders of Punjab and was developed as a form of classical music by Mian Ghulam Nabi Shori or Shori Mian, a court singer for Asaf-Ud-Dowlah, the Nawab of Awadh.



Thumri is a semi-classical vocal form said to have begun in Uttar Pradesh
There are three types of thumri: poorab ang, Lucknavi and Punjabi thumri.
The lyrics are typically in a proto-Hindi language called Brij Bhasha and are usually romantic.



Ghazal is an originally Persian form of poetry. In the Indian sub-continent, Ghazal became the most common form of poetry in the Urdu language
Vocal music set to this mode of poetry is popular with multiple variations across Iran, Afghanistan,Central Asia, Turkey, India, Bangladesh and Pakistan. Ghazal exists in multiple variations, including semi-classical, folk and pop forms.