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Q.1 Which of the following belongs to the Aves ?

1) Bat

2) Crow

3) Parrot

4) Eagle


A) 2,3,4

B) 1,3,4

C) 1,2,3

D) 1,2,3,4

Ans. A


Q.2 Which of the following rays are used in CT Scan ?

A) Visible light

B) Infra red rays

C) Ultrasonic waves

D) X-rays

Ans. C


Q.3 What name has been given to the ICBM developed by India with a range of more than 2000 km ?

A) Trishul

B) Prithvi

C) Agni II

D) Akash

Ans. C


Q.4 Which of the following has the highest share in the power generation ?

A) Nuclear power

B) Hydro power

C) Thermal power

D) All of the above

Ans. C


Q.5 In context with the news, what was nano humming bird ?

A) New variety of honey bee

B) New species of hitherto undiscovered humming bird

C) Small electric car that can take 3600 turn

D) An unmanned spy plane developed in U.S.A

Ans. D


Q.6 Pink revolution is related to :

A) Garlic

B) Onion

C) Grapes

D) Cotton

Ans. D


Q.7 Which of the following are correct ?

1) Mirage is an optical illusion arising due to Total Internal Reflection of light

2) Concave mirrors are used in search of lights

3) In summer white or light coloured clothes are preffered to dark coloured clothes

4) Convex mirror with a small aperture is used by the doctors to examine ear , nose & throat


A) 1,3,4

B) 2,3,4

C) 1,2,3

D) 1,2,3,4

Ans. C


Q.8 In context with the Graphene which among the following statements are correct ?

1) It is an allotrope of carbon with single-layer transparent sheet

2) It has a low weight which makes it strong 100 times more than the steel

3) It has a two dimensional properties


A) 1 & 3

B) 2 & 3

C) 1 & 2

D) 1,2,3

Ans. D

Graphene is pure carbon in the form of a very thin, nearly transparent sheet, one atom thick. It is remarkably strong for its very low weight (100 times stronger than steel and it conducts heat and electricity with great efficiency. While scientists had theorized about graphene for decades, it was first produced in the lab in 2004.  Because it is virtually two-dimensional, it interacts oddly with light and with other materials. Researchers have identified the bipolar transistor effect, ballistic transport of charges and large quantum oscillations.


Q.9 In context with the Biofertiliser, which among the following are correct ?

1)  It contains living microorganisms that promotes growth by increasing the availability of primary nutrients

2) Bio-fertilizers add nutrients through the natural processes of nitrogen fixation

3)  The microorganisms in bio-fertilizers restore the soil’s natural nutrient cycle and build soil organic matter.

4) Bio-fertilizers do not contain any chemicals which are harmful to the living soil

5) They fulfil plant nutrient requirements by supplying the organic nutrients through microorganism and their byproducts


A) 1,3,4,5

B) 2,3,4,5

C) 1,2,3,4

D) 1,2,3,4,5

Ans. D


Q.10 Which among the following statements are correct regarding Biopesticides :

1) Biopesticides  function in photosynthesis &  growth of plant physiology

2) Their biodegradable, economical and renewable alternatives enable them to use under the organic farming systems


A) Only 1

B) Only 2

C) Both are correct

D) Both are incorrect

Ans. C