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Saakshar Bharat Mission (Earlier known as National Literacy Mission)

• Covers all adults in the age group 15 and beyond.
• Volunteer based mass campaign.
• Lok Shikha Kendra will be set up to coordinate and manage all mission programs within their territorial jurisdiction.
• Envisages to provide impetus to achieving the goal of a fully literate society engaged in lifelong learning.


1. Impart functional literacy and numeracy to non-literate and none-numerate adults
2. Enable the neo-literate adults specially younger adults to continue their leaning beyond basic literacy and acquire equivalency to formal educational system
3. Impart non and neo-literates relevant skill development programs to improve their earning and living conditions.
4. Promote a learning society by providing opporutinities to neo literate adults and other potential learners for continuing learning
Principle target of the mission it to impart functional literacy to 7 Crore adults in the age group of 15 years and beyond. Mission will primarily focus, but not limited to, women.