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Poverty in India


India is one of the poor countries in the world. Many of the Indians do not get two meals a day. They do not have good houses to live in. their children do not get proper schooling. Many of them die for want of medicines. They are ill clad. The conditions have not sufficiently improved even long after our Independence. There are many causers of our poverty.
Causes of poverty:
The growing population inflates the problem of poor techniques used in Agriculture. Further, there is unequal distribution of wealth. As a result, the poor people are often exploited by the wealthy community.
The most important causes of Poverty in India are poor agriculture, growing Population, gap between rich and poor, corruption and black money.
Poor agriculture:
India is mainly an agricultural country. About 80% people of our country depend on agriculture. But our agriculture is in a bad way. Farmers are poor and uneducated. They do not know the modern methods of farming. They have no good facilities of irrigation. They do not get seeds and fertilizers in time. Thus the yield is poor. Agriculture is not profitable today. We face the shortage of food. We have to import it. So, poor agriculture is one of the causes of India’s poverty.
Growing population:
Our population is growing rapidly. But our resources are limited. The growth in population creates problems for us. Today, our population is 1.20 billion; tomorrow we will be 1.21 billion and so on. We need more food, more houses, and more hospitals for them. So we have no money to spend on development projects. The ever-growing rate of population must be checked. If not, we may not be able to remove India’s poverty.
Gap between the rich and the poor:
The widening gap between the rich and the poor is also responsible for India’s poverty. The rich are growing richer. The poor are growing poorer. This economic gap between the two must be reduced. Our social system should be changed. The poor people must get all help to reap the fruits of Independence.
Corruption and black-money:
There are corruptions in every walk of life. There is inefficiency in offices. People have become selfish. They neglect the national interests. Black money causes problems prices are raising. Some people have all the privileges. But many others are suffering. Black money affects our economy. It causes poverty.

Solutions and conclusion:

We have to solve this problem of India’s poverty.
o Farmers must get all facilities for irrigation.
o They should be trained and educated.
o Agriculture must be made profitable.
o The ever-rising population should be checked.
o Family planning schemes should be introduced.
o More and more industries should be set up to meet the needs of our country.
o Corruption must end. Our offices should work efficiently.
These are some of the ways which our poverty can be removed. It is a national problem; it must be solved on a war footing.