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Q.1 Consider the following statements with regard to Calling Attention motion and Zero Hour:

1. Both are Indian innovation in the parliamentary procedure.

2. Both are not mentioned in the rules of procedure.

3. Only Zero hour is Indian innovation.

4. Only Zero Hour is not mentioned in the rules of procedure.

The correct statements is/are:

A) 1 & 2 only.

B) 3 & 4 only.

C) 2 & 3 only.

D) 1 & 4 only.

Ans. D

Calling attention motion is mentioned in the rules of procedure but not Zero hour.

Both are Indian innovation.


Q.2 The role of ministry of Parliamentary affairs among other things, is to :

A) conduct of the business of house

B) fix dates of summoning & prorogation  of the two house of parliament

C) see the matters pertaining to parliamentary committees

D) advise speaker in the well of house



•  Renders secretarial assistance to the Cabinet Committee on Parliamentary Affairs.

•  Constitutes consultative committees of members of Parliament and makes arrangements for holding their meetings, both during and between sessions.

•  Pursues other ministries for prompt and proper implementation of assurances given by ministers in the Parliament.

•  Sets dates for summoning and prorogation of the two houses of Parliament: dissolution of Lok Sabha, President’s Address to Parliament

•  Plans and coordinates legislative and other official business in both houses

•  Acts as liaison with leaders and whips of various parties and groups represented in Parliament

•  Sets government’s stand on private members’ bills and resolutions

•  Advises to ministries on procedural and other parliamentary matters

•  Organises of Youth Parliament Competitions in schools and colleges throughout the country

•  Deals with salaries and allowances of officers of Parliament and salary, allowances, and pensions of members of Parliament, as well as for Leaders of the Opposition


Q.3 Which among the following are the eligibility conditions for considering man booker prize ?

1. It must be a full length novel

2. It must be written by a citizen of the commonwealth or the republic of Ireland

3. It must be published for the first time in the year of the prize

4. It may be self published novel published in any language (with English translation)


A) 2,3,4

B) 1,2,3

C) 1 & 3

D) 2 & 4

Ans. C

Any full length novel (or at least, a long novella) written by a citizen of the Commonwealth, the Republic of Ireland or Zimbabwe.

* No English translation of a book written originally in any other language.

* No self-published books where the author is the publisher or where a company has been specifically setup to publish that book.

* The books have to have a scheduled publication date between 1 October 2009 and 30 September 2010.


Q.4 The survey of India & National Atlas & Thematic Mapping organisation fall under jurisdiction of :

A) Ministry of Science & technology

B) Ministry of Earth Science

C) Ministry of Defence

D) Ministry of Communication & Information technology

Ans. A


Q.5 In the new consumer price index data, which among the following group of commodities has been assigned highest weightage ?

A) Education, transport & medical care

B) Food, beverage & tobacco

C) Fuel & light

D) Clothing & footwear

Ans. B


Q.6 The office of the Leader of the opposition is mentioned in:

A) Constitution of India.

B) Rules of the house.

C) A separate Parliamentary Statute.

D) None of the above

Ans. C


Q.7 The decision whether a bill is money bill or not is decided by the speaker, this decision cannot be questioned by:

1. Any court of law.

2. Lok Sabha.

3. President of India.

A) 1 & 2 only.

B) 2 & 3 only.

C) 2 only.

D) None of these.

Ans. D

It Can be questioned by speaker of Lok Sabha.


Q.8 Which of the following statement/s is/are correct regarding Constitutional Amendment bill.

1. Prior permission of President is required before introducing the constitutional amendment bill in parliament.

2. President must give his assent to the bill if duly passed by both houses.

A) 1 only.

B) 2 only.

C) Both are correct

D) None of the above

Ans. B


Q.9 The emoluments, allowances, privileges and so on of Governor can be altered by:

A) A Constitutional Amendment Bill passed by simple majority of Parliament.

B) A Constitutional Amendment Bill passed by special majority of Parliament.

C) A Constitutional Amendment Bill passed by special majority of the Parliament and ratified by half of the state legislatures.

D) By a normal legislative process that does not require Constitutional Amendment.

Ans. A

It is mentioned in 2nd Schedule