Q.1  Consider the statements relating to the Procedure of the election of the speaker & the Deputy speaker of the Lok sabha:

1) the election of a speaker shall be held on such date as the Prime Minister may fix & the secretary General shall send to every member notice of this date.

2) The election of a Deputy speaker shall be held on such date as the speaker may fix & the secretary General  shall send to every member notice of this date.

3) At any time before noon on the date so fixed ,any member may give notice in writing of a motion that another member be chosen as the Deputy Speaker of the House.


A) 1 & 3

B) Only  2

C) 2 & 3

D) 1,2,& 3

Ans. C


Q.2 The writ of prohibition is issued by the Superior Court:

A) To prevent an inferior court or tribunal from exceeding its jurisdiction or acting contrary to the rules of natural justice.

B) To an inferior court or body exercising  judicial functions to transfer the record of proceedings in a case for its review.

C) To an authority to produce an illegally detained person before the court for trial.

D) Where it can call upon a person to show under what authority he/she is holding the office.

Ans. A


Q.3 Which among the following is not a fundamental Duty ?

A) To develop the scientific temper, humanism & the spirit of inquiry & reform.

B) To uphold & Protect the sovereignity ,unity & integrity of India.

C) To safeguard public property & to abjure violence.

D) To practice family planning & to control population.

Ans. D


Q.4 Which among the following are the recommendations of the Sarkaria commission on the appointment of the Governor ?

1) He/She must not have participated in active politics for some time before his/her appointment as Governor.

2) The Governor should recommend the proclamation of emergency without dissolving the assembly.

3) The Governor should not be the native of the state.

4) The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court may be consulted by the president in selecting a Governor.


A) 1,3,4

B) 2,3,4

C) 1,2,3

D) All are correct

Ans. B


Q.5 Consider the following statements:

1) Water is considered in a concurrent list.

2) 73rd Constitutional amendment provides Rural drinking water & sanitation are the matter that could be dissolved to the Panchayats.


A) Only 1

B) Only 2

C) Both are correct

D) Both are incorrect

Ans. B


Q.6 Consider the statements relating to the Social Audit:

1) It contains Financial & non-financial resources that could be used by the public agencies.

 2) For awarenes generation under MNREGA  every state govt is required to undertake the exercise to publicise the key provisions of the schemes.

3) It facilitate verification of the records with  stakeholders/beneficiaries.

4) The Village resource persons are deployed for social audit.


A) 1,3,4

B) 2,3,4

C) 1,2,4

D) All are correct

Ans. D