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In the following passage, there are blanks, each of which has been numbered. These numbers are printed below the passage and against each, five words are suggested, one of which fits the blank appropriately. Find out the appropriate word in each case.


Once upon a time, there lived a pair of geese and a tortoise and the three were the best of friends. One day they were faced by a huge drought and the lake in which they lived was …(1)… up. They …(2)… to leave the lake and look for new lake, but the tortoise could not …(3)… So, the geese thought of a …(4)…, whereby, the tortoise would have to hold a piece of stick by its mouth which would be …(5)… by the two geese. The only condition was that the tortoise should not. speak or it would …(6) …from the stick to his death.The tortoise agreed to be …(7) ….But on seeing this strange …(8)…, people on the way started laughing at the tortoise. Unable to control his …(9)…, he spoke aloud “What are they …(10)… about ?” and so he fell to his death.


1. (A) rising

(B) vaporising

(C) soaring

(D) soaking

(E) drying

Ans : (E)


2. (A) advised

(B) confided

(C) decided

(D) thought

(E) suggested

Ans : (C)


3. (A) understand

(B) swim

(C) fly

(D) talk

(E) think

Ans : (C)


4. (A) magic

(B) plan

(C) game

(D) plot

(E) trick

Ans : (E)


5. (A) agreed

(B) manufactured

(C) designed

(D) carried

(E) produced

Ans : (D)


6. (A) balance

(B) choke

(C) fall

(D) slipped

(E) hang

Ans : (C)


7. (A) disciplined

(B) rescued

(C) flew

(D) good

(E) silent

Ans : (B)


8. (A) bargain

(B) arrangement

(C) friendship

(D) matrix

(E) object

Ans : (B)


9. (A) excitement

(B) grip

(C) curiosity

(D) destiny

(E) devotion

Ans : (C)


10. (A) looking

(B) talking

(C) thinking

(D) pointing

(E) laughing

Ans : (E)