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How Are Plateaus Formed ?

Most of the plateaus of the earth are formed due natural geological uplift of the stable land areas of the earth’s crust which has been a gradual process. While some of the plateaus found between the mountains are formed as a result of collision of sections of the earth’s crust.
Many of the plateaus are also formed due lava flowing from the large volcanoes that spread through large areas of land surface, building them up.
The Famous Plateaus Of The World
As said that almost 45% of the earth’s surface consists of plateaus. There is a large community of living species on this earth living on plateaus. Many cities and even countries are formed on the plateaus.
Kaiparowits Plateau, Utah
Following are five famous plateaus of the world:
The Colorado Plateau In US

This plateau is found sprawled across the southeastern Utah, northern Arizona, northwestern New Mexico, and western Colorado. This roughly circular plateau covers approximately 130000 square miles of the land. The states of Texas, California, Alaska and Montana cover up the land of the plateau.
It is believed that the Colorado plateau was originally a piece of land close to the sea level and was lifted up as a single mass of land nearly five million years ago.
The elevation range of the Colorado plateau is from 3000-14000 feet average being 5200 feet which makes approximately 1585 meters
Due to the high elevation of this plateau, the climatic conditions here are dry and arid. Because of its high precipitation of land and dry environment the plant accommodation on this plateau is less.
The land of this plateau is eroded at places by winds and water forming dramatic landforms. The rivers have been cut into canyons within the plateau.